10 09 2007

Okay, so I definitely love school, like a total nerd. But, I do hate school because you have to get up so early. I love learning new things…if I’m awake enough to learn them. History is so interesting because you learn things that influence our societies today, and I find it awesome. I also love yearbook staff because you get to interact with your school, just like being on a sports team…and it looks really good on your college transcript.




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10 09 2007

I get up at 3 in the morning to clean my bathroom because I can’t go to school until it smells like 409 or lemon O_O. jk. hehe, it takes me only 25-30 min. to get ready for school so I wake up at like 7:20 and we leave at 7:50! 😀 My friend told me today that she would cut a finger off for my hair cuz I don’t straighten it cuz i DONT HAF TO!


p.s. rip some more!

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