TO: Wingedhamham

11 09 2007

You have a hilarious blog. I was laughing so hard when I read it and I was overwhelmed because I really don’t have time right now to comment on all of your hilarious posts. My favorite is the fat moments one. I already told you I know exactly I mean.




3 responses

11 09 2007

I totally know what you mean, CurbxStomp! That post was making me cry I was so happy to have something to laugh at. Just Kidding! Anywho, I like the blogger’s world, it’s entertaining!

11 09 2007

You were happy you could laugh at me? O_O
I-I…I’ve never heard anything so kind said about me in such a long time. I always get the “Are you high?”, “Lay low on the crack,” and “Did you take your medication?”
Yes, I took my daily dose of oxygen thank you. I only have one crack and I’m not gonna lay low on it. I’m not high because I’m quite short.

12 09 2007

I like oxygen….. oxygen…… oxygen! *breathes in and out deeply* I take it every day.

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