13 09 2007

So…haven’t really posted in while. What has happened lately…hmm. Well, I am officially addicted to a character by the name of Anita Blake. She was created by Laurell K. Hamilton, and aside from the screwed up personal life, I would love to be Anita. She works with the police, carries all the weapons she wants, raises the dead, not mention has hot vampire boyfriends… Ha. My life isn’t that exotic, which really is a bummer. I would love a hot vampire boyfriend any day. Especially if he looks like Jean-Claude. I swear, that Anita Blake comic series is going to kill me, because it is turning the first novel into a series of 12 graphic novels and the artwork is absolutely amazing. I wish I was able to draw like that. I am actually going to post some samples. The first edition is in hardcover and it cost me 20.00 but it was the best buy ever. Anyway, if I could be any character that I read about, Anita Blake would be it, so read the Laurell K. Hamilton Anita Blake, vampire hunter series. It’s my daily dose of out of this world fantasy.




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13 09 2007

I can make your life exotic.

*Licks armpit*



Think like Siddhartha Gautama:
The way to end suffering is to end desire.

I feel better already!
…I want a cookie.
*ends desire by eating cookie*
ok now I don’t want a cookie.

13 09 2007

wow, you actually posted! I can’t believe it! I’m so proud! Anyway, I’ve seen this 20.00 buy, and it is quite impressive! Go Anita Blake! I too, wouldn’t mind a hot vampire boyfriend, if he were Edward from the Twilight series!

14 09 2007

Yeah…Winged Ham Ham, never again.


And, not it’s not exotic enough.


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