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13 09 2007

This is for Winged Ham Ham, because she was reading something and I want her to understand… That little short story is from a novel that I am currently working on and the male character is my favorite. I have never really liked my characters (especially not my main one) but this guy is amazing. He is everything I would want…plus or minus a few attributes that no one in this current reality could have. Haha. Anyway, yes I hate the main character, Ham Ham, but I love the guy that is with her. He is the coolest ever. Now, I will let you read the rest of the story tomorrow, because you will know everything you ever wanted to about my favorite character.




3 responses

13 09 2007

Everything? Even his secrets?

I don’t need to read your story of your life to know your secrets…



13 09 2007

It is now my turn to feel disincluded. *in the words of curbxstomp* WHAT STORY?????????? I must see this article of your hate, curbxstomp!

13 09 2007

Erm, well…




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