Ice Skating With My BFFL

15 09 2007

Okay, so, here is what I got from ice skating:
1) A cut on my arm from when Rae rae’s blade cut me when she fell on top of me (my fault really; I can’t ice skate)
2) A really sore leg from my second fall
3)laughed at because I couldn’t stay on my feet.
4) An odd sense of closeness with Rae rae.

That had to be one of the funnest experiences of my life, I am telling you. I have never really had so much fun. Rae rae kept trying to get me to let go of the wall…so I grabbed her hand and eventually it turned purple because I had a death grip on her. I got pretty good…until I flipped out and decided to stop. I couldn’t feel my nose or my arm, because Rae Rae got me pretty good. Then, all three of them (Rae’s sister and her friend) ganged up on me to get me away from the wall. That was just flat out mean. And then these really cute guys showed up and I was really not wanting to embarass myself in front of them so I stopped. Rae Rae just had to give me her pouty face so I got back out there again. What did I learn from all of this?

That I have no center of gravity whatsoever.




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16 09 2007

That’s right. You don’t have a sense of gravity because you are too busy deploying it to everything around you! (JK, JK, JK, I love you!) Anyway, who am I to talk? I cannot iceskate either. Anyway, kudos to you for getting off the wall! I loves you curbxstomp!

17 09 2007

You know what, fluffyfan15! Stop making fun of my gravitational pull! You’ll hurt its feelings. lol.

I loves you too, fluffyfan15


17 09 2007

AW, you should’ve taken me with you so I could laugh at you too!


I’m skilled at ice-skating but I can’t use figure skates. GOTS to be hockey skates.

7 03 2008
Tag, You’re It! « Curbxstomp

[…] visits that happen oh so rarely for us, since all of our family lives in Michigan. This post, Ice Skating With My BFFL, is one of my favorites, a good time that I had with Ramxpage, and it makes me laugh.  A post […]

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