CXS’s Conflicts

17 09 2007

Okay, so I definitely know what to do with my life. I want to write, that much is certain, but who can guarantee that I will actually make a career out of it? No one, except myself, and that really all depends on my skill. I undermine myself with my writing to improve myself, but I don’t know how well that’s going. I think I want to go to college, but it’s kind of expensive, and what if my writing does work? What if I go to college and waste the money when I am writing and not using my degree? I don’t know. Graduation is two years away, and that is really starting to get to me. I think I will be really sad when I graduate, because I probably won’t see about 300 of the people I know ever again. I see my parents looking through their yearbooks talking about people. They don’t talk to these people. Everyone they knew has a family and they haven’t seen them. (Obviously. We are about 800 miles away from our hometown.) That really scares me because I rely on some of my friends to keep me going. I am normally an idependent person, you know? But, some of these friends are what make me want to get me up in the morning. I don’t know what I will do without them. Let’s cross this bridge when we come to it, shall we?




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17 09 2007

On the contrary, I have NO IDEA what I want to do with my life. Isn’t that comforting. I don’t know if I want to become an engineer, a biologist, or something different entirely, I have no idea what to major for in college. Basically all I know is that I do want to go to college. I don’t even know where (though Clemson is quite tempting, just expensive). So you’re not alone.

17 09 2007

I didn’t say I knew what I was going to do. I just said I knew what I wantto do. And, in this world, that really doesn’t work out for you unless you are a kick butt musician or an amazing actor. Which really sucks, because I suck dishwater and public speaking and my singing is strictly only witnessed by my shower.


17 09 2007

* must ask Curbxstomp’s shower a couple questions.*

17 09 2007

Am I one of those friends? Well, it’s different these days. There’s the awesome internet! People can stay close together kilometres away! I shall always be your wifi buddy.



*Gives yet another hamham huggaboo*

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