Music: Why Have I Not Posted About It Before?

19 09 2007

“Music is my muse.” This quote is from my favorite author, Kim Harrison and I find it completely applicable to me. I can relate almost everything back to a song that I’ve heard. I love music, like alot. It always depends on my mood what I want to listen to, but there are a few that I will listen to every day any day. And they are…

The Used
The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
Josh Groban (of course)
From First To Last
My Chemical Romance

And I really love it when people introduce me to new music. Especially when it’s the kind that my dad can’t oppose, because people know that I can’t listen to certain music that contains certain words that lead to a certain black and white label on the cover. If you catch my drift. Like right now, at this very moment, I am listening to “Dancing With the Wind” by Days of the New, an absolutely wonderful song that is so intense, that I could listen to it a million times and never get tired of it. I need to figure out how to upload an audio clip so you can hear the song, because it is the best!
Especially when I am writing, I love to listen to music, because certain words, certain sounds can trigger a small flow of inspiration that makes me want to scream with happiness. I normally listen to Underoath when I write, because the screaming and amazing music just stimulate my writer’s thoughts. Although, sometimes I think that all I think about is writing…

“Music is my muse.” –Kim Harrison




3 responses

24 09 2007


You’ll hate it :D!


Unless…you’re more of a happy person than I’m thinking you are…

24 09 2007

Nope, she’ll hate it. Hehe! I LOVE BANG THE DOLDRUMS by FALL OUT BOY!!!!!!!!!!! That be’s my favorite. Not to mention curbxstomp got me that CD, thanks chick!!!!!!!!!

24 09 2007

I’m an extremely happy person. As long as I’m not thinking about Photographer. Gosh darn it, I had to say the name. I HAD TO THE SAY THE NAME! I HAD TO
Anyway. You love that song, fluffyfan15? Yeah, aren’t they great. I’m going to bring you my other fob cds. just let me know when you want em.

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