School and The Back Problems Associated With It

19 09 2007

My backpack is so heavy that it pains me. And then, when you are sitting down at school, the seats are so not ergonomic, and it’s cold, so I have had a cold since the second week of school and I think we are now on the fifth. Anyway. School is so stressful that it is killing my skin. I sound like a prep when I say that, but it is so true. My complexion is straight up horrible, and it ticks me off, because over the summer, my skin was the excellent porcelain white that it normally is and now it looks like someone took a needle and poked me in random places. And, to top it all, I am so tired that I fall asleep amongst the ENORMOUS pile of homework that I have EVERY NIGHT. And on top of all of that I am freaking out about what college will accept me and I think I am going to breakdown and cry. Well, I think that’s mostly it, not to mention the emotional implications of the social life that school imposes. You know, people may complain about having no friends, but sometimes, some of us wish we didn’t have any. I don’t know. I’m moaning about problems that are trivial compared to the rest of the world’s problems with peace and hunger. My friend keeps telling me that everyone has the right to complain, but I still feel like crap afterwards.




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24 09 2007

I hear ya, sista! Praise the lord hallelujia, I don’t know if I spelled that right! Anyway, yeah, complaining can make one feel like crap. I feel for your whole porcelain thing, too. This whole school schedule keeps me out of the sun, so the last of my natural tan is starting to fade. LUCKY ME I’M GOING TO THE BEACH IN 3 DAYS! Lol, I shouldn’t boast, though, it’s unbecoming. LOL!

24 09 2007

You know what, boast away, fluffyfan15. Just remember, I may look like a twit, but I hit hard than Stone Cold Steve Austin.

You think I’m kidding.


just kidding.

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