24 09 2007

Okay, this is totally unprecedented. Right now, I am listening to The Starting Lines’ “Bedroom Talk” courtesy of a certain someone who sits beside me in a certain class. I was surprised that I would actually like this kid. He’s just so cool!!! Anyway, I just felt like talking about how unexpected life is. For example, last week, my mother and I were pulling out and we got in a car accident. It really put into perspective that saying Carpe Diem. It really bugged me, that little escapade, but it made me appreciate life, even though it wasn’t really a near death experience. It’s hard to explain, that feeling that life is so new, so fresh like that piece of paper that a writer sits before, trying to portray their thoughts onto through the ink of their pen, and the words of their heart. Like autumn. That cycle before death, that life that you know only has a limited time. People don’t realize that we only have a limited time. Eighty years may not seem like a limited amount of time, but even now to me, a teen, it really is limited, and I fully intend to press my life to the limit…without doing drugs or getting thrown in jail. You can still have fun without breaking the law.




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25 09 2007

Wow, good insight. I know just what you mean. I spend a lot of my life in my room, and I guess it isn’t really living my life out. But I think living out your life includes really impacting another person positively. I don’t think I’ve accomplished that yet, but I know that I have affected people…I can’t really get my thoughts written out right now so you may not even know the point of this comment. I’m sure I’ll figure it out…hmm…


25 09 2007

Hey, I know what you mean. You’ve influenced me, and I don’t think you know how much. But it is in a tremendously positive way. I know I’ve affected some, but I don’t know how positive it was. Talk to you later.


25 09 2007

Tis muy positive how you both affect me!!!!!!!!!!! I mean tearing my ribs apart from laughter on a daily basis is a pretty good start! And HOW COULD U NOT MENTION A CAR ACCIDENT? I will be confronting u at school, missy.

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