Governor’s School for the Arts and Humanities

25 09 2007

Current Music: “Remedy for Love” School Boy Humor

Okay, I fully intend pursuing my writing as a career. One of my choices is the Governor’s School, which lends its name to this post. It has many, many upsides. I will be able to spend more time on my writing, and I will get the input of other writers, and my music selection will widen without the censorship of my parents. But is all of that worth leaving behind what I love. I told a friend who is having this same dilemma: “Do not let anything, or anyone get in the way of your dream.” I dream of being a published author, and I think about my advice and it makes me sound like a hypocrite because I am letting people be an obstacle in the way of my dream. I don’t know if I could leave all of my friends that I have now to pursue something that may not work out later in life. They say that some things are a one time chance, and I wonder if this is one of those times. I know that I can get in, it’s not a question. Not to boast, or be prideful, but I can write. I want to, and maybe I need to find something else. I don’t know what to do, people. I need help.




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25 09 2007

Dude,I totally support u and if you are passionate about the *title of this post* then u shud totally go for it. Those friends u talk about not wanting to leave behind… we would not abandon u like some snob who left us for some stupid dream! We would keep in touch and always tell each other what b going on. So, if u need some input…. I think you should do what makes you come closer to fulfilling your dream.

25 09 2007

Hey, thanks. Can we talk more about this tomorrow, because I want some serious input here, seriously. Was that sentence about the snob supposed to be a joke? haha.


26 09 2007
raerae [[insane]]

CxS if the governors school is something you really want to do then go for it. If writing is something you really wanna do then DONT LET ANYONE GET IN YOUR WAY! Do what your heart tell you to do. You are an amazing writer and whether you go to the governors school or not you will make it far with your writing.

<33raerae [[insane]]

26 09 2007

THANK YOU, RAE RAE! It…means…so…much…*bursts into tears of joy* I appreciate it. I’m not gonna go. Because I love you too much. Plus, it would be extremely boring. And I would probably kill someone when all they would do is talk about how I can improve my writing.

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