27 09 2007

Okay, so to those of you who have ever wanted to be on the yearbook staff….Beware.  I am  currently a part of the yearbook staff at my high school.  While it is sometimes fun, more often than not it is stressful enough to send a pacifist to war.  I kid you not.  But, like today, I feel completely satisfied.  I had to find a name because no one knew him and the chief editor was like in love with me because she was so friggin’ stressed out.  And then I had to go buy the supervisor lunch because she was so stressed out.  And then, the sports editors were all up in our faces because none of us did an alternative copy for the teams.  It would have been nice had they told us that we needed to that oh, I don’t know…more than twenty minutes before!  I was ticked, but my spreads were perfect, according to the sports editor, and I am completely at peace with myself.





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