Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter

28 09 2007

anita.jpg I think that Anita Blake is one of my favorite heroines that I read about in books. She is just so strong, so…You know? No, you don’t. She can play with the big guys, and I think that is why people like her so much: because she’s not afraid of men when they pull all that macho crap, like many of us are. I don’t know. And then, she’ll admit it when she is scared, and alot of us won’t even do that…. It’s so cool too because she carries all these weapons. It makes me want a gun…just so i can be cool like Anita Blake. Haha. Just kidding folks. She’s also a necromancer. Laurell K. Hamilton did such a good job on this character and I thank her for it. It’s inspirational.




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