So, Who Said That Life Isn’t Fair?

28 09 2007

I am having a rather satisfying day today. My temper hasn’t been invoked.  My best friend and I are going to chill this weekend, and I’m walking with my friend to her locker for the first time, so that should be an exciting experience…not.  Anyway, more on my happiness.  I went to Barnes and Noble to get an amazing book called, The Taste of Night.  And my ex-boyfriend is being…well, my ex-boyfriend.  I sit next to this kid in first, and I am always getting reprimanded because, you know, I’m always talking to him and him to me.  I think my ex may be jealous.  Because he was curious as to why I was talking to the kid I sit next to.  My ex thought I was flirting with the kid I sat next to, but he can think what he wants…although, I may have been.  But this kid has an amazing car.  Try an older age corvette…and its red.  And it helps to that this kid is totally attractive…and oceans out of my league.  But, that’s a different topic.




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