29 09 2007

I think that every writer should be able to find inspiration in every detail of their life. I personally do studies on those I know, because I take certain attributes that annoy me, or the attributes I love, or the ones that people don’t really notice but I pick up when I first meet a person. I also take certain physical features. A lot of my characters are created from those I know, those I love, those I hate, or those who intrigue me. But, most of the time the men that my stories consist of are created solely from my own desires, things that I see and want to emulate in my novels or my short stories. Lucius, for example, his name comes from the Harry Potter novels, but it means light and that is why I chose it. I find this character particularly interesting, because he is a grade apart from all the other male characters I have created or read about. He’s like the universe in a way, or that little depiction of the yang and yin. He has his dark side and his light side, like everyone else, but in Lucius, you can notice it. Normally, it is just little things, but with Lucius, he is almost bipolar, and I think Haven loves him just because he is totally at ease with himself, and maybe that is the basis of that small corner of hatred towards him. Because she is not at ease with herself. She doesn’t welcome the night side of her day, even though that sounds like an oxymoron, it really is the only way I can think to describe it. I don’t know how I am able to get so far off topic, but I do pretty well at it. If they paid for people to go off on tangents, I would probably be the richest person in the world.




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