World of Warcraft and All of The Racial Divisions

29 09 2007

Even though I do not play, I find World Of Warcraft very, very cool. I just usually watch Rampage play because I don’t have it at my house. I am trying to get all of the races straight, because I don’t have it all down yet. The Night Elves are the best, next to the humans. There are also dwarfs, and…something else, I couldn’t understand what Rampage said just now. But I do know that if you are on the Horde side, you can be a Blood Elf, an undead, Taurin (a cow), an Orc (as in Lord of the Rings I think), and troll. Back to the good side… and then there are gnomes and Draeneis, which are like wierd looking. Star Warsish…with hooves. Got it? I do now. I just thought I would share, even though Winged Ham Ham already knew this. Peace, peeps.




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30 09 2007

I’m utterly confused, b/c I’ll prob. never look at WOW in my life, no offense WOW players, that’s just the way I function.

30 09 2007

NE’s better than humans? Then so forth? Woman I will slaughter you and your family! Metaphorically! Gnomes will rule the world, no questions asked.



1 10 2007


…*Cough Nerd Cough*



WOW has way too many buttons for me D:

I’d get way too stressed out and be like screamin at the computer, “PRESS A!!!! NO!!! NOT S!! A!!! FREAKING IDIOT GAH!!!”

…Or Something like that :3

And thanks for the comment on my blog ^^;;

I feel that the preservation of animals should be a goal that most people should strive to achieve. =D

..o.O;; I just used a big sentence!

Yay! =D

2 10 2007

Um, get it right. A nerd is someone who studies all day. A geek is one who lives as one with his/her computer. lol, WoW doesn’t have lots of buttons, your keyboard does u fool! Besides, I use my mouse to click the icons, not the keys…keys are uncomfortable.

2 10 2007

You make me laugh, tigerspwn. And yes, it is something we should strive to achieve.


2 10 2007

Keyes, uncomfortable, I think not. It b ur fingers that are unqualified to grace the presence of the keyes. Hehe, I like ur big sentance tigerspwn.

8 10 2007

That was deep. U_U very deep. You’re an inspiration to us all.


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