Half-Naked Men

30 09 2007

After that interesting title, I’m afraid that none of this is very interesting… It’s just my thought on the male part of our race.  Anyway.  Me and Rampage were watching Underworld: Evolution when Scott Speedman comes out of nowhere, half-naked, his yummy chest bared for us to drool over…anyway.  The people that are reading this are probably thinking what an immature child I am, but, honey, if you saw that chest, you would be thinking the same thing.  Anyway.  What do I, Dragonfly, find interesting in a man?  Well…

Okay, if you have seen my other blog, you have seen dark haired men of every variety.  Not that I am opposed to blonds…the kid who sits next to me in first is blond *smiles* and he is an exception.  But generally, I like long, or curly, or both brown hair.  Dark brown.  Sometimes, the honey brown is very desirable, but I run towards the black hair…  Blue eyes are almost orgasmic.  Especially if they are a dusky, dark blue.  The kind that pulls out thoughts  of darkness and the brighter side of the night.  I’m sorry that I am kind of getting lyrical, but I just saw those eyes a few days ago, and sadly they belonged to a man who was probably ten years older than me.  They drew out the writer in me, and then I was thinking about eye color for the rest of the day.  Back to the subject again…(tangent, see).  Height is pretty important for me too.  They either have to be taller or the same height.  I cannot do the shorter boyfriend thing.  It would really bother me.  In fact, it did bother me, because when he put his arm around my waist, when he turned to look at me, he was looking at my boobs.  And that was only slightly awkward.  Bodies don’t really matter to me, because that’s not really the first thing that I look at…I look a little higher. Although I wouldn’t oppose to a man with a totally built bod.

Personality is actually at the top of my list, and now, I know that knowing a person for two weeks does not mean you can predict what they will do in certain situations.  I discovered this with my ex.  He turned out to be a total jerk, and I had gone out with him purely because I thought he was a nice guy with a good personality.  That taught me that I am a horrible judge of character.

Back to half-naked men.  There are a variety of these men whom I would personally love to have plastered on a poster, half naked, on my wall.  But that wouldn’t be good.  Because they would probably end up visiting me in my dreams.




One response

1 10 2007

I would have no problem with Mark Walberg visiting me in my dreams, half naked. I don’t know what ur talking about. Who b’s the blonde cutie in 1st? Hmmmm? Hmmmmm? Oh yeah and u must show me cute boy in cafeteria!

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