Lucius Gray

30 09 2007

I want to tell you about the character that I have currently fallen in love with while developing him. His name is Lucius Gray and he comes from a very old werewolf family. He has no recollection of his past, but I don’t know why yet. He has white blond hair and honey gold eyes that have a sunflower pattern on them. He’s about six feet tall and he is Haven’s lover…or he was. That’s a story in and of itself. But, back to Lucius. He has a lip piercing in the right corner of his lip, just like Haven’s brother’s friend Gerard. It’s a simple black band, used to identify certain hitmen with each other. But no one has identified this little system, and eventually Haven figures it all out. But, Lucius’ profession is one of the assassin line, and he works for money, rather than morals like Haven. This is what launched the schism between them, and eventually causes their daughter’s death. It was a hard decision, the daughter’s death, but a necessary one, because it furthers the plot and it gives me two story arcs to start off with.




3 responses

1 10 2007

Okayyy, your brain totally amazes me Curby, like that? Anyway, I don’t think I could make up someone’s whole existence like that. It’s an amazing talent and I’m glad you figured out how valuable it is.

2 10 2007

I’m commenting again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 10 2007

I love you for saying that, Fluffy. It really does warm my icy black heart….
Or what’s left of it anyway.


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