Taking a Shower…

30 09 2007

I don’t know how people in the old times survived without taking showers.  Most of my ideas come to me in the shower…which, that may be slightly weird, but it’s true!  I will be taking a shower and something will occur to me, making me wish that I had waterproof paper and a pen…I just find showers very relaxing.  You have warm water beating down on you (unless you are really weird and take cold showers every day.  But, I guess whatever floats your boat, let it sail, right?) and you’re shampooing your hair…and occasionally, you are listening to some kick butt music, like right now, I am listening to “The Ripper” by The Used.  But, I’m not in the shower, so it doesn’t matter does it?  Anyway.  And, if you don’t have five kids that you worry about while you are in the shower, causing you to rush, like my mother, a shower is relaxing, because it’s that little part of your day that you have to yourself.  No one can tell you that you don’t take a shower right.  No one can really criticize you about your shower-taking…unless you don’t take a shower.  That’s besides the point.  If you take a shower, you take it how you want to, and maybe that’s why I enjoy them so much.  It’s one thing that you can do however the heck you please without someone breathing down your neck.  That makes me happy.




One response

1 10 2007

Nice, it makes me happy too. And I don’t usually listen to music in the shower *note to self: must try that sometime.* Thx for the idea!

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