Prince Charming

2 10 2007

Okay, I went to C lunch today and this kid was nowhere in my thoughts.  I see him in the morning and he is so cute.  I didn’t know what lunch he had, so I was so surprised to find him at C lunch when I went with fellow yearbooker to interview my friend for yearbook.  I saw him, and in the 1000 degree heat of the school (It probably didn’t help that I had a jacket on) I had goosebumps.  He’s adorable and I do not know his name.  People make fun of me because I don’t even know his name.  What do they expect me to do?  Waltz up to him and ask him what his name is?  Hm, that’s probably what normal people do, but am I normal?

Not really.  But, he is adorable…I need his name! 




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