Fat Rings

5 10 2007

The next person who tells me not to eat something because it is unhealthy is going to get smacked.  I am not kidding people.  As long as I am happy and not having a heart attack on my way up the stairs at school, great.  Otherwise, then, yeah, I might listen to you.  Anyway.  I swear, I am so tired of hearing the following quote:
“I am so fat.  I need to stop eating this or I am going to get even more fat.”

Do you know who says this? THE SKINNY TWITS CALLED CHEERLEADERS!  I have nothing against cheerleaders, but girls like them are the only ones who have the weight complex besides the extremely obese guys, and sometimes, they don’t even care.  Get with it people! 

Fat is a very loose terms nowadays.  I know what fat is.  Fat is when you have trouble walking up the stairs  (this doesn’t count for the smokers, because they have problems with all sorts of activity) and when you cannot stop eating.  You only get fat if you sit on your ass all day and eat.  However, that’s not true, because I know people who sit on their ass all day and eat, because I’m friends with quite a few of them.

There is the pleasantly plump crowd that I adore.  They are all filled out, their clothes look really good because it suits them, and…they just look really good.  Personally, anyone I date has to weigh as much as I do, or more.  (I however do have my limits).  I cannot date someone I can break with a hug.  Since you can perfectly fit an arm around my waist, I think I am at a good weight.  But, maybe that’s just me.

And then you have sickeninly skinny people who look like the wind’s going to blow them over.  This is just stupid.  Unless you have a freakishly fast metabolism (I understand, which is why I never lose, nor gain weight) you really don’t have an excuse. But if you are straight up starving yourself, I have one thing to say to you.


You have to eat.  There just isn’t any question about it.  God did not put chocolate on this earth so we can starve ourselves.  That was not his purpose.  Maybe it’s just me.  There are some people I just want to shove down and stuff them full of food until they resemble a human being instead of a skeleton. 

Speaking of all of this, why am I posting this?  Because my friend brought in doughnuts and she was like, “WHO WANTS A FAT RING?  FAT RING, ANYONE?”  It was pretty funny, and it got me thinking about America’s “weight problem.”




2 responses

5 10 2007

Wow! Love the one sentance about fat rings, after the whole spiel of America’s Weight Problem! U makes me laugh! You have posted alot chick!

9 10 2007

Yes, I have posted a lot! Because I loves this blog!

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