5 10 2007

Well, today, our yearbook advisor sent us out to rope off a section of the football stadium.  We didn’t even get the right section.  We roped off the wrong section, were almost late to fifth period and someone was freaking out because someone had a cigarette and it wasn’t even important!  Just for the record, I like the old smoky scent.  I find it very comforting, although no one in my family smokes.  (Except for some great-relatives).  I was about to cry, because it was so frustrating.  It was so hot, you don’t even know.  And we couldn’t get back into the building.  Straight up.  We went around to almost every single door, and none of them were unlocked, and we had sent someone to find out what we were supposed to be doing.  She never came back, and we don’t even know how she got back into the building.  URGH!  Well, that was another day in my life.




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