The Common Teenage Relationship

5 10 2007

I thought I would post this for a very, very curious teacher.  I think that this teacher doesn’t really understand how we act and she wants to know why.  Well, I think the teacher knows who she is, so here!  I shall explain everything!….That I understand.

First on the list.  The boy-girl relationship.  Well, there are a lot of relationship nowadays that are friends with extreme benefits.  I mean EXTREME. For example, after Aviator dumped me, he still acted like we were going out.  All the kissing and stuff like that.  That irritated me.  That’s how most things work.  You can never tell when people are going out, and you can never tell when they break up.  I’m not even kidding.  It gets so annoying to the point where I don’t care anymore.  A lot of people never talk to each other, like who like somebody else.  In that type of relationship, it’s usually based on looks, so, maybe it’s a good idea that they never speak.  Guys can actually be really mean, but a lot of them tease.  But the teasing often go above the limit after a while…I would know.  A lot of the guys just don’t know when to stop.

What really strikes me as funny is the fact that some guys expect you to take hints about certain things, like the arm about the waist (I actually get that one quite a bit) and stuff like that, but when you hang out with the people I do, you don’t take anything seriously.  And then the guy gets ticked and you find out he likes you, but not anymore because you didn’t get the signals he was sending you.  HELLO!  WHERE WERE THE SIGNALS!?  I had a few experiences with what we call a man whore.  They will touch anybody, and that has really ruined my image of men, I’m telling you.

Okay, now, amongst friends, there are usually times when one group is completely dissolved because they all get into a fight.  I actually hate where I hang out in the morning because of all the retarded freshman.  There are a couple really annoying, really gross freshman and I am forced to stand in their prescence because they decided to integrate themselves into my posse.  I noticed also, that people are usually friends throughout high school, but the best friend for life (aka bffl) usually changes every one to two years.  Not even kidding.  But, like me, I had not choice.  My best friend overdosed last year, and I had to find a new friend, and I found Rampage because of my friend.  Guys have their best friends, but they are just like….I don’t know.  They are content to play Halo 3 or whatever game is out now, and sit in silence.  Girls cannot endure silence, unless you are me and Rampage.  We know each other so well that we can sit contently in silence on the telephone and do our own seperate things.

I knew that my teacher was curious about fights, and I will tell you unbiased that this is the God honest truth: It is usually the black people who get in a fight.  There is usually one black person involved, and I will tell you why.  White people are irritated as easily. I don’t know why, but we don’t get all worked up about the stupidest things.  They just get all worked up and their first reaction?  HIT ‘EM IN THE FACE!  I am not even kidding you.  That may sound really racist, but it’s true.  If they conducted a study, I would be like, “Told you so.” 

Did that help?  I hope so.




3 responses

5 10 2007

It’s definitely not all the black people. I think you know that, it is just a select group of black people and even then, there are the white people with the same *get agravated and hit ’em in the face* attitude, so it’s not just black people. I loves u though. You b very intelligent so I think you know I just be adding to your post. Cyas!

8 10 2007

I know that it isn’t all the black people, but it does seem like it sometimes, doesn’t it?


22 10 2007

Hmm…Aviator…Halo 3…irritated white guy…

I think I’m discovering something here. Talk tomorrow?

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