My Good Luck Charm

8 10 2007

I will not lie to you, Rampage is my inspiration for everything.  I didn’t talk to her at all this weekend and do you know what happened?  My writing suffered majorly this weekend.  I couldn’t think of crap.  And when I wrote, that’s exactly what it was: crap.  I don’t know why she inspires me so.  I think it’s because I have never lied to here, and I’m always happy when we are together…hm.  Anyway, she is the inspiration for all of my characters.  All of my characters have a piece of Rampage…including the guys, because I took her more angry aspects and channeled them into a more strained concept of the male mind…which neither of us seems to grasp very well. LOL. 

So, I am trying to write a novel with a friend, because that’s just fun.  It helps with my people skills, because writing a book by yourself is hard enough, but writing with another person is the hardest thing you will ever do.  But, anyway, that was besides the point I was trying to make.  I have two completely different characters from the characters of MY novels.  I will tell you one thing: I hate the characters from the novel I am working on with my friend.  They are twits. I am so attached to Lucius and Haven because they resemble what I want, and they have my same fears, and I just love them, unlike these new, inexperienced brats that I absolutely cannot stand.

Anyway,  now that I have talked your ear off, I need to go find something else to post about…




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