Siamese Twins

8 10 2007

Siamese twins, test tube babies, vanishing twins, and being attacked by a man with a machete…

This is how my fifth period teacher started out class.  You know what Siamese twins are.  Right now, he is telling us about a test tube baby.  You know, the ones conceived in a dish.  That would suck…

“Where were you conceived?”

“Uh, in my mother? You?”

“In a dish.”

Anyway, I am waiting to find out what a vanishing twin is… still waiting… A vanishing twin is when the mother gets pregnant(duh) but she keeps ovulating and has a different egg.  The one is absorbed by the mother, and poof, gone. Sometimes, the egg takes root.  One baby is premature, a month behind, but the other one is fine.  The premature one has a lot of problems, so yeah.  That was your educational little blurb for the day.  Thanks to our very blunt, very awesome Mr. O-Dawg.  (That’s his choice, not mine.)  Anyway, still don’t know about the being attacked by a man with a machete…




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