Autumn Falls

10 10 2007

I don’t know what it is about the fall season, but something about it like trips a switch in me.  Since October has begun, I have been trippy and excited about nothing.  I love the changing of the leaves, though we don’t have much of that right now in my corner of the world, and I also love the crisp, clean breeze that makes you think of happiness and the comfortable warmth of the cool outside your warm house.  I can’t wait until Thanksgiving is here.  Last year, we had so much fun.  Lots of cooking, lots of warmth…Because, before last Thanksgiving, we had always gone to my grandmother’s house, even when we moved from Michigan, because then we would make the five hundred mile trip just to go to Thanksgiving.  Nope, not last year.  And I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I love spending time with my family, no matter what…unless it’s my brother, because he irritates me 99.999% of the time, and I’m not kidding.  But, anyway.  I also love sitting out at ten o’clock in the morning in a hoodie, and reading my favorite book with the wind whistling around me at a cool, slow pace.  It makes me happy.  I mean, even if my personal life sucks, the weather is enough to bring a smile to my face and a content warmth to my belly.  I feel like I am repeating myself! And then after Autumn comes the Christmas music time.

I love nothing more than Christmas music, and as soon as December first hits the world, I am changing my theme to the Christmas theme.  But, seriously, I look forward to Christmas every year because of the music.  I particularly love “The Christmas Cannon”.  I adore that song.  There is just something comfortable when you listen to Christmas music curled up on the couch reading in a dim glow.  Also, I love it when we all pile in the car and turn on the Christmas music and go see the lights on the mountain and all of us are singing along.  This will by my baby sister’s first real Christmas, because last Christmas she was only two months old.  When we decorate the tree, we have all five of us kids decorating (well, it’s always been the four, because baby couldn’t do it last year, of course) and then we have Christmas music in the background. 

*sigh*  I wish it were Autumn and Winter all the time.




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