10 10 2007

In my little corner of the world, we have the most amazing downtown ever.  I can never remember being so smitten with any downtown, even when we lived in N.C., because they had a sucky downtown, too.  But here, in my corner, they have the greatest downtown.  It has those little shops and then the bridge and forest next to a residential school…It is just so beautiful.  Me and my friends (for my friend’s birthday) went downtown to celebrate in the middle of January at around four in the afternoon, and then by the time we left the restaurant, it was like nine o’clock.  It was so frigid outside, that we had red noses and everything and it just felt…right.  I have never loved any place more than where I am now, and I think it is a sign, because everywhere else I have lived, I have had this restless feeling that made my stomach turn.  I was never really sad about moving away from anyplace, even N.C. where people loved me.  I realized that the people were the only part of N.C. that I liked.  My parents argued, we lived in a crappy townhouse and I really didn’t like anyone besides my friends.  I actually hated living here for the end of my seventh grade year, but strangely, I didn’t miss N.C.  I just…felt lonely.  And I had a cold, so that didn’t help either.  Eighth grade was the most amazing time of my life, along with ninth grade, and now tenth!  I love it!  I have never been in a happier, more beautiful place and I want to live here forever.  I have often spoke of wanting to leave just to get away from this place, but in reality, I don’t want to.  I want to go to college here, and if I have kids, I want them to grow to love this place like I do. 




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