Music and Moods

10 10 2007

I usually only listen to a certain type of music depending on what kind of mood I am in.  However, when I get a new cd, I listen to it until I memorize it and then after that I don’t really listen to it unless my mood dictates it.  If you ask me what I am listening to, you can usually tell what kind of mood I am in.  I will give you a few examples.

If I am listening to Underoath or Norma Jean(for those of you who do not know, they are screamo bands) I am on the edge.  I am nervous, anxious, frustrated and confused by my peers, or my surroundings.

If I am listening to the Jonas Brothers (like right now. :D) I am perfectly content, but somewhat anxious because school causes my bad complexion.

Now, if I am listening to The Spill Canvas, FOREVERINMOTION, or The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, I’m straight up ticked.

See, I listen to slow music when I am upset, hoping it will reverse my mood, like if I listen to “Your Guardian Angel” (TRJA) I am trying to get over something in the back of my mind.  But, the Jonas Brothers and stuff you wouldn’t expect me to listen to is what I listen to when I am content with life.  I find it odd that my moods dictate a lot of the subtle things in life.  Like what I wear, what I listen to, or even what I watch.  If I feel like crap, or I seriously need to unwind, I usually watch Blood and Chocolate just because that story makes me happy.  Well, I should depart, peeps.

See ya!





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