The First Amendment Constitutional Rights

10 10 2007

My film crit teacher sparked an epidemic.  It’s not a bad epidemic, but it’s hilarious how many of our First Amendment Constitutional Rights are being violated.  They are blocking purely harmless sites, filtering everything that we do.  They’ve blocked everything.  My teacher can’t take us to blog anymore because no one can get into the internet.  No one.  You can’t even go to  How stupid is that?  A senior in my film crit class wants to collaborate with me so we can write an angry letter of protest.  I think it’s a brilliant idea…until someone comes after us.  One of my teachers was telling me how the school districts have it out for the teachers if they try to protest something.  If the teacher does something like voice an opinion about how the school is run, then they will get picked on and harried for voicing their opinion.  Obviously, none of the school district people have ever taken U.S. history.  Ever heard of Freedom of Speech? 

What really ticks me off about this?  The fact that the way the school’s are run it is almost totalitarian.  Some of the restrictions I can understand, but others are pretty outlandish.  Such as hair color.  You can’t have non-human hair color.  However, you can have a mohawk over three feet tall.  Isn’t that just as distracting?  Same with tattoos.  You can’t have piercings on your face, but you can have tattoos?  How are those any less distracting than facial jewelery?  Maybe my logic is that of a twisted Martian from Saturn, but sometimes it amazes me how stupid people are.




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