The Others

10 10 2007

As I am sure that you all have seen the movie, I am going to totally spoil the ending of this movie, so don’t read on if you haven’t seen it!  Anyway.  So, the movie is completely amazing and I love it, because Nicole Kidman is just straight up amazing.  But, what really bothered me was the dead photographs.  That reminded me of the pictures of the people in Dead Silence after Mary Shaw ripped their tongues out.  *shudders*  I just find that really, really creepy.  Anyway, I also liked The Others because it is a unique story, and a different approach.  However, it was really different that the ghosts can’t see us.  We can’t see them in most stories but they can see us, but they can’t make contact, or whatever.  I just loved the story up until the little seance.  I friggin’ flipped out.  I was like, oh, shit!  They’re dead!  That woman and her children, and the servants were dead!  Can you believe that?  Of course, you can, because you have seen the movie.  If you are reading this and are upset that I ruined the ending, that was your fault.  I warned you.

The ending was quite satisfactory, just because it was unique.  It just really made me sad that her mind had snapped and she killed her kids.  Then she killed herself.  When she’s sitting with her kids and crying because she remembers everything.  It made me want to cry because it was so depressing, and I was just like in shock because it wasn’t really what I was expecting.  I am probably going to watch every movie we have watched in Film Crit again, so far, except for Ace Ventura: Pet Detective because it was really, really stupid.  I just don’t appreciate that kind of humor.  I appreciate subtle jokes and actions…but not like the actions in that movie.

Film Criticism is collectively my favorite class because of this: I love watching movies.  But, now when I’m at home, I will seriously apply all of my knowledge.  I’ll be like,”OOH!  That’s an establishing shot!”  Sometimes, I can identify the lighting, but I get everything mixed up.  But, I remember the gist.  Which is still pretty good.




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