Guys and Why They Go, “Oohoo!”

11 10 2007

Yeah, so my teacher I think made a crack on one of the guys in my class and all the guys went, “Oohoo!”  I was like, dude, why?  They do it all the time, and they only do it when a guy is insulted.  Now, if a girl is insulted, they look awkwardly into their lap and act like nothing happened, because God forbid that they come to the rescue of a girl.  Then everybody thinks their a pussy, and we never get anywhere when men think that their peers are fags, because then they just stone the fag to death.

Anyway, back to my point. Every time their penis size is insulted or something, they all make that stupid noise that sounds like a laughing crow and us girls shake our heads in disgust.  😀  Anyway, I should probably pay attention to class….

Check you later, kids.





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