The Fall Line Up

18 10 2007

Does anyone else have problems with trying to find a way to cut back on tv?  Well, I do.  Well, I did.  Because I blog.  Lol.  No.  Anyway.  Seriously though.  Do you find yourself so overwhelmed by like twenty different shows?  So far, I have Bones, Pushing Daisies, Moonlight, and then all the Disney Channel shows I watch when I get home.  But, yeah, pointless post, but it is really annoying when you are addicted to like twenty shows and you have no time because all you are doing is watching tv.




4 responses

18 10 2007

Wow, you got serrriousss issues, my friend! JK! Need a tissue? *I just couldn’t resist that crappy remark!* muwaahahahahahha!!!!!!!!!!

18 10 2007

Love ur title HP *5 movie background!

20 10 2007
werewolf grl

there are other ways that parents can make you stop watching t.v, they have total power so they pull the satelit plug! I haven’t watched t.v in almost 4 years. and you think you’ve got it bad

10 12 2007

Well, I did

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