Gotta Love the Weekend

22 10 2007

Bsinger apparently didn’t have a good weekend, even though I wished him a good one.  Sorry, kid.

 Anyway…So, I read Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix in what amounts to three days: I started it at the beginning of the week, but then I didn’t really read, so I finished it last night right before bed and I’m three hundred pages into the Half-Blood Prince.  Did y’all hear about Dumbledore’s boyfriend?  Yeah.  My mother was all offended, but it didn’t really impact how I saw Dumbledore.  I live in the books, not in what isn’t on the page.  I mean, how could you have not seen that?  With the way people said Dumbledore took it when Grindewald was gone?  I don’t know maybe I just really don’t care about people’s sexuality…honestly.  Anyway, I was on mugglnet (I actually just visited the site to find out what people thought about Dumbledore’s sexual tendencies) and I saw something about the aftermath of the seventh book, like what had happened to certain people and all that stuff and I was really interested to find that everybody had gotten married.  Neville seemed to be the best off of any of the kids…And just for the friggin’ record: GINNY?  C’mon Harry you can do better than her.  I don’t know, maybe it’s just odd to me because I will always think of her as Ron’s little sister you know?  I really don’t know of anyone else that he would be interested in…OH. I was reading the sixth book, and I should have foreseen that Ginny was eventually going to date him.  I will tell you why: When Harry is in potions he is smelling the Amortentia, which is the strongest love potion in the world, and it says that he smells something that was flowery that might be at the Burrow.  And I was like, wow, he loves that place.  And then when they walk up to Ginny, it says that he could smell that flowery smell he smelled in potions.  How had I not seen that before?  I am really slow sometimes.  No comments from you smart people about that.

Anyway.  I am still working on my application for the governor’s school and I might actually post it so you guys can tell me how much of a chance I have of not getting in…I am just so tired of this.  Next person who tells me I should go to the governor’s school is straight-up getting smacked in the face.  I am not even kidding. 




2 responses

24 10 2007

K, 1st of all, u need to visit mugglenet more often. I practically lived there for 2 years. AND I did have a life at the same time. I totally think Ginny and Harry were meant to be… but to each his own I guess. And yeah, how did you not catch the potions thing *smacks cxs in the forhead and says “u should have had a V8″* lol, loves ya! 🙂

27 10 2007

Wow, I just got this comment, but it made me laugh, fluffy.
love ya chick

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