23 10 2007

I, Curbxstomp, have finally gotten my permit.  I am so excited.  No comments from you people who have already progressed to the restricted licenses…I don’t want to hear it.  I am actually going to drive now, so peace out!!!!





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23 10 2007

YAY you finally got it. teehee im so proud of you. hopefully i can take drivers training soon and i emailed my daddy about the car thing. so i will see what he says. and maybe ill have a car by the summer time 😀 that would be utterly amazing. 😀

23 10 2007

Haha…permit. I remember being excited about that. Now I hate driving with my parents in the car. Just wait until you have your restricted. Then you can go out without them, and you can talk about how awesome it is, because it is indeed quite awesome. However, I have my full license now that I’m 17, so you know…I have no restrictions and stuff. God…I feel old….17….ugh

24 10 2007

even though have your restricted is great, its not that amazing, yes you can drive with out an adult. BUT!!! dun dun dunnnnnn.. you can only drive between a curtain time limit which isn’t that great. and yes Bradley you are old.


24 10 2007

Go rampage! Hehehehehehe! I love ur attitude! I got me permit in july and I won’t get me restriceted til summer 2009, so I’ll wait. Just like u cxs, just like u! Now I get the contemplation post. Ur deep kid, deep!

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