27 10 2007

Okay, on a happier note…

There was a Halloween celebration for the Robotics team and it was a lot of fun.  A bunch of my close friends are on Robotics, so we danced and sang along while people watched us like we were retarded, but retroxfab and I are just too comfortable.  We didn’t care.  But, let me tell you, that it wasn’t completely free of very attractive guys, and that is all I will say on that subject.  But, I was a vamp, as was expected.  I tell you what though: my make up was painful.  I had eyeliner that swept up onto my temples, and it took me forever to get it even.  That meant wiping it off more than once.  The side of my face hurt to touch.  But, I would have to say that that was the highlight of the week, besides the fact that my AP World History teacher wasn’t there for two days, and we got to watch Pocahontas (woot.  John Smith!) and I got to sit with my friends…Because the mean teacher secluded me on the other side of the room with the preps that are hard to listen to.  The kid who sits next to me isn’t that bad though. ☺But, yeah….I need to be working on my novel right now, but I am so undecided.  This guy at the party…I need a name for him, but his costume isn’t really something I can call him…totally inspired me by dressing like a person participating in the Carnevale de Venezia, with the mask and everything.  It’s kind of like a masquerade for three months.  (No joke.  I researched it.)  Anyway, I’m off topic, as usual, and listening to Chiodos isn’t helping me at the moment….




3 responses

27 10 2007

sounds like you had fun.

27 10 2007

I definitely did, babe, but not as much fun as we are going to have at Barnes and Noble!!!

28 10 2007

Carnevale guy was def. inspiring, and not void of the attractiveness, I must say. Sad he won’t be here next year though. Oh yeah, and John Smith, woot!

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