Gov. School

29 10 2007

Ladies and gentlemen, I have finally caught a hold of that flighty mistress indecision and I have decided that I am not to go to the governor’s school.  I’m just not cut out to live at school at the age of younger than 18.  I just can’t do it, and I am going to tell you why.


Need I say anything else?  I think I shall….Let’s start with the drama kids shall we?  They are all irritating and they know that I don’t like them, because they just annoy me.  The dancers, I don’t mind because I don’t know any.  The music people?  Don’t get me started on the band people at school.  And then you have the visual artists who aren’t bad…obviously, considering my best friend in the whole wide world’s one!!!! *grin*  Anyway.  Last group?  The writers.  Need I say anything else?  Yes, because I am going to add a whole paragraph about it.

I tell you what, writer’s are the moodiest people around, like, no lie.  No offense strugglingwriter, you are not included in this.  Teen writers are the ones that I am referring to.  Especially the poets.  The “My life sucks, could you kill me, because no one wants me and everyone wants me dead” poets.  Well, if you keep putting out poetry like that, everyone will want you dead, me included.  The teen writer’s are usually insecure, but I tell you what, if they find another writer, they jump on them, like buzzards on a carcass.  I had a girl tell me the other day that she was a writer.  I straight up stared at her like she had leprosy.  I really could care less if someone else is a writer.  I don’t do those little critique groups.  I write, I edit, I send in for publishing…admittedly, I have never done that last step, because my projects get abandoned pretty fast….

Anyway.  Listening to Vanessa Carlton.  Yeah!




3 responses

30 10 2007

Do whatever makes you happy, I say. If you don’t think Gov. School is right for you, then you are making the right decision.

I wouldn’t think you’re talking about me in that third paragraph because I don’t think of myself as a writer. I wish I did. I guess that’s because I make my living doing something other than writing. Maybe some day.

Anyhow, you asked on my blog what NaNoWriMo is. It’s National Novel Writing Month, in which you try to write 50,000 words in one month. Here is the web site:

31 10 2007

Ok, your train of thought is utterly hilarious, now on to the main segment of this comment. I am glad you made the decision that didn’t involve you tearing your hair out in misery and regret afterward. If you are happy, I am happy for you. Know why? CAUSE I LOVE YOU! THAT’S WHY! Hehehehe! Anyway, I don’t think I could live anywhere but home before 18 either. Oh, well, we shall go on! Hehehehe again!

31 10 2007

I LOVE YOU TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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