Life, In General

29 10 2007

Today, was, overall, a good day.  I didn’t have any problem getting through first, second, or third.  I love fourth period, because it is Yearbook, and that’s amazing, because the teach in that class loves me, because I am really good at it.  But, anyway, I usually end up having a downhill kind of day after that, because of certain people that I don’t want to talk about, and, no, Rampage, I am not referring to you.  But, as usual, fifth period lifted my spirits through the friggin’ roof, and that’s pretty good because my high school is like three stories tall.  But, anyway.  Emmy Rossum has a new Cd, you know her from Phantom of the Opera.  She is really pretty, and her voice is amazing, and I am actually listening to the cd now, because I want to know if it is any good before I buy it, and so far, I adore it, its very inspiring.  Vanessa Carlton’s new Cd also came out, and that’s pretty amazing, because I love her.  I usually only listen to the bands of like, death metal, and hard core, but lately, I’ve been back into my female singers.  I have all of Vanessa’s cd’s except her new one, and Emmy is quite similar to Vanessa.  I am reading Stray by Rachel Vincent, and that lady is pretty amazing, I can’t wait until her new book comes out!…Which won’t be for a while, because that book just came out a few months ago.   




One response

30 10 2007

I gonna take a listen to Emmy’s CD, and if I like it, maybe I can borrow it from u? Ttyl!

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