Voice Thread

29 10 2007

Okay, so my film criticism teacher definitely showed us a voice thread, and it is the coolest thing in the world!!!  You just create like a slideshow thing with these pictures.  Then, you can use your voice to comment on them, so that the people are looking at the picture and hearing your thoughts on it.  It is so friggin’ Amazing!!!!!  I want to post my voicethread on here, but at the same time, I think I am going to wait…URGH!!!!! Cursed indecision.  I did my voice thread on the characterization in Blood and Chocolate which is like the best movie in the world!! I’ll catch y’all, later,


Well, I guess I will just post it here because somebody *cough*shields*coughcough* posted it on their blog, and I just might as well put it here.  Here is my voice thread:


Take a look!




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