Weekend Plans

30 10 2007

Okay, a lot of people around me go to this skate park and it is really annoying when they get in my face because my dad won’t let me go.  So, normally, I hang out with Rampage on the weekends because we’re bffls.  But, most of the time, I stay at home, eat all day and read and try to write.  But, no, this weekend I have something to do…


You betcha.  I am so excited.  Photographer laughed at me and my other photographer friend on yearbook are going, but I am so excited.  I have been listening to Switchfoot since their third cd came out when I was in the fourth grade.  I missed their two previous cds, but got them a few years ago on my birthday, and they have three yearly releases since then, and I absolutely love them. I will probably post a picture of the tee shirt that I am to get when I go.  *grin*  It’s almost as exciting as the fact that Holidays are Hell came out today when I’ve been waiting for it since August!!!!  Also, I need to go buy Emmy Rossum’s cd…..




6 responses

30 10 2007

I need to borrow Blood and chocolate, like Now!!

If you have Aim, message me at



Or if not there, send me a message on Blogger =3


30 10 2007



30 10 2007

If you are only checking my blog, I left a comment on yours, because I will bring Blood and Chocolate to you tomorrow…just be nice to it. 😀

30 10 2007
Myles Chandler

I will look into it, i promise

31 10 2007

I’m utterly confused, but, oh well. Just wanted to congrat you on your awesome concert score! Hope you have an amazuhzing time!

2 11 2007

Ugh Switchfoot?

Kaelie…I thought you were better than that…

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