In The Process…

31 10 2007

I am definitely in the process of yet, another novel.  And I am still without a title.  No joke.  Most of the time, a title comes to me, followed by random spurts of creativity that normally are exhausted within a week, or 150 pages into the rough draft.  I find that music is essential to the writing process….

Wow, I definitely sounded like someone conducting a study or something… But, seriously.  I will listen to anything when I am really in the writing zone… which depends on how I am feeling at the moment, which usually depends on how badly people have ticked me off.  But, it’s really funny, because the only class I ever write in is mathematics.  No joke.  My teacher is oblivious, and the people around me don’t pay attention to me, and that’s great.

Most of my ideas come from math, all that problem solving and the hypothetical statements.  What is in contrast to that is the fact that I can never write in english.  It doesn’t help that the person sitting next to me just watches me write, blatantly when I really cannot stand people watching me write. 

Surprisingly, my inspiration and motivation comes from the people who don’t like me, or those that I don’t like.  However, I do not turn them into people that get slaughtered ten pages into the novel, but I use them to create my main character and the supporting characters that you actually get to know.  I use them to create the sides of the characters that I don’t like.  Every person has a dark side, and I might as well use attributes that I am well acquainted with.

Does that make sense? Like, I take a persons cruelty and I turn it into something that is recognizably similar in a different situation, in a different world really.  It helps people to  identify with the characters.  I mean, you aren’t going to be able to identify with a character who picks flowers for her dying dog and swings with her guy friend in her free time.  I mean, who does that, and who would want to?




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31 10 2007

You were like WHOA, and we were like WHOA, and you were like whoa….

31 10 2007


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