Alice In Wonderland

29 11 2007

I feel like Alice right now.  Like my life couldn’t get much better.  I don’t think it could.  I had a really uncomfortable conversation with Daniel about my relationship status, and then realized how whiny I must have sounded.  But, not being in a relationship doesn’t make someone an unhappy person.  Really…Okay, so maybe I’m lying.  So sue me.  But, life is good right now, and it seems really surreal, besides the fact that I am almost failing my french and history classes.  Well, I should go talk to Myles.  He’s mad because he’s sick at home, and I’m in engineering where I can’t get AIM.  Well, ttyl, peeps!



Death and Taxes Go Hand in Hand

28 11 2007

Okay, so death and taxes.  Relationship?  Besides being completely inevitable, I don’t have any other reason to relate death to taxes, and I am trying to figure out why people do. 

I definitely found out the names of two of the cutest guys and I am so happy now.  Obviously I am not going to put their names down, but I was so proud of myself that I about cried.  😀 They are adorable and I see them every day and wonder what their names are.  Now I don’t have to!  I’m so happy.

This is kind of a pointless post.  My uncle’s myspace is appalling, by the way, so I hope he looks at this because I told him, and he didn’t believe me. I love you, Chris, but Kid Rock really isn’t that awesome.  😀 JK. 

The other day my friend told me that he thought the Confederacy was dead–which was a dumb thing to say, because about half the Civil War took place in South Carolina–and I told him that my uncle who lived where the Union is from bought a Confederacy belt buckle.  It was funny.  You know, the Confederacy lost and they have a holiday for it?  The Union doesn’t have holidays for it!  What’s up with that?

A Girl’s Guide To Be Absolutely Careless…

28 11 2007

Okay, so I have established that I should stop caring about everything, because if you stop caring, everything stops hurting, and then do you know what you have?  An absolutely happy life…if you can be happy without caring.  I don’t know anymore.  Anyway, I was talking to this kid about drugs, and everything he had done and didn’t know what to say.  So, I said, “Cool.  Sounds like fun.”  I mean, what was I supposed to do? Be mother hen and yell at him for five minutes?  I can’t do that, because it makes me feel old.  Trust me, my soul is a lot older than my technical age says I am and it drives me crazy, because I have adults that tell me that it doesn’t feel like talking to a kid when I talk to you.  I don’t necessarily hate that, but at the same time, I want to be a kid for as long as possible, so I don’t end up a 20-year old who acts like a prude 80 year old.  Do you understand?

When I hang out with a lot of people, most of them do drugs.  I am going to admit this and you people can say “Oh, she seemed like such a nice girl…”  Just because someone does drugs doesn’t mean they are a bad person, I want people to get that through their head.  It just means that you steer clear of them when they are on drugs, lest they prove to be a bad person.  I didn’t really care about people doing drugs after my best friend overdosed last year, and my new best friend would never do something stupid like that, so what’s the point?

Actually a lot of the new people that I hang out with kind of faint at the mention of drugs, no offense hamz and fluffy.  I love you guys, but your perception of sex and drugs isn’t very…accurate.  I love you, though, and that is why.  I don’t feel I have to be different and uncaring around you guys.  😀 Please take no offense. 

Anyway, back to what I was saying.  People doing drugs doesn’t bother me because, unless they almost die, I won’t ever know anything about it.  Peace, people.


How Many Times Can You Run Into the Same Wall?

27 11 2007

I have hit the block again and it is driving me insane, because for a while there, I was good and I wasn’t doing anything but the usual four or five pages a day.  Unfortunately, I have run into the wall, again, and my life is pretty much crappy.  It makes me mad.  No idea will stick in my mind anymore.  Nothing attracts my attention, nothing.  I hate my characters and I find them weak, but I can’t do anything to improve them.  I actually think that I’m weak, and that’s why this isn’t going well.  I’m not defenseless, but I am really weak of will.  As most people can see with guys that I know.

For A Pessimist, I’m Pretty Optimistic

27 11 2007

Thanks to Paramore for that song title. It really puts my life into perspective.  Ah, my legs are still aching from running up three flights of stairs.  It is an almost pleasant feeling.  😀 I am very okay with life at the moment, except for the fact that kooldanny is…being kooldanny.  Yes, kooldanny I’m talking to you.  Forget my name much?  That was really annoying.  But, overall, I’m pretty cool with life.  I am enjoying the single, teenage, female status…not.  Maybe a little bit, but at the same time it’s annoying.  Everyone keeps talking about how “vicious” Ramxpage is towards guys, but if you are too inviting, you end up dating a jerk, or wanting to date a jerk–both of those apply to me, to be honest.  But, such is life as my old teacher Rev. Rice would say.

I love my friends.  I just felt I needed to express that.  Sometimes, I feel that I need to enforce that emotion, because I leave them occasionally for someone that I shouldn’t…Everyone knows whom I am speaking of, yes?  Good, I won’t say anything then.

Thanksgiving: The Holiday From Hell

26 11 2007

While Thanksgiving wasn’t hellish, it was definitely fast and furious, and I was sick for the most part.  Throwing up, sore throat, headache, the usual.  My relatives arrived late on Thursday, around 6 p.m.  We were so happy to see them that I almost started crying, because we haven’t seen them in a whole year.  So, I ate, and then I threw up after I went to bed.  That was about 4 in the morning.  And I was so sick for the rest of the morning, I cried because I was so tired.  So, on Friday, I was still sick and I couldn’t stand up without my head pounding as if someone rang a bell inside it.   It would suck to be a bell.

Thankfully, we didn’t do anything on Friday, because of course, it was black Friday, and everyone knows that unless you want to get run off the road you don’t leave the house.  Crazy holiday shoppers.  But, we did go swimming at the hotel that my grandparents, and my aunt and uncle were staying at (a very classy Embassy Suites) and the hot tub felt so amazing because I was sick.

I went to stay at the hotel for a night, after we went downtown on Saturday (I am going to post pictures of this trip as soon as we get the pictures emailed to us from my aunt.  I am proud to say I actually look good in those pictures.  It was quite surprising.), and me, Chris, and Lindsay all watched The Replacements with Keanu Reeves.  I love him.  He’s gorgeous.  Anyway, it was hilarious, because we got my 4 year old sister to stay with us, but it took us a lot of crying to do so because she had never been without her mother for a night.  It was hilarious, though, and that’s what mattered.

Sunday was a lot of fun, we went to Barnes and Noble where I purchased Halfway to the Grave by Jeaniene Frost.  It’s good so far.  Then, we went to Sticky Fingers, which was fun.  Then, we went home baked about a hundred cookies, some buckeyes, and then a handful of chocolate covered pretzels.  It was late before they left and I was starting to get worried, because they were leaving on Monday, and I wanted to say a good-bye. But, we were all late for school today so we could eat breakfast with them before they left. 

It was sad.  I was staring at the evacuation plans on the door so I wouldn’t cry.  It looked like Chris and Lindsay were going to cry, but they need to move!  Move to South Carolina! I hope they do.  We never see family.  It’s an 800 mile trip from Michigan, so, you know.  I am kind of depressed now because when I go home, my relatives won’t be there and I will be…I don’t know, but it won’t be happy.

The Attack of the Hamsters

20 11 2007

Okay, my mother let my sister “adopt” these hamsters over the Thanksgiving vacation for her class, because they are the class pets.  I was kind of irritated because I was never able to bring home the class pet.  Anyway, past my irritation, they were pretty cute.  That was before I had to go to bed.

Since I had been up at Rampage’s until 5 in the frigging morning, I was tired on Monday.  I took a nap, and then later went to bed at 9.  The hamsters kept me up until midnight, with their click, click, clicking wheel.  I went mad.  I moved them to the bathroom, and closed the door, but I could still hear the clicking.  Then, I put their food bowl on the wheel so they couldn’t run.  They made even more noise.

I ended up sleeping on my brother’s floor so I would get some sleep.  Unfortunately, when I got out of the shower the next morning, we were missing a hamster.  Yeah.  My sister was crying and my mom was yelling about the probability of the hamster being deceased, because of our murderous cat Chewbacca, aka Chewie.  Thankfully, we found the dumb hamster and we could all get ready for school.

This really made me appreciate my cats.  One, I can’t smoosh them by hugging them.  Two, they are big, and they can love on you, which hamsters can’t and I missed that.  Three, it taught me to never ever bring home a class pet.