Worth My Time

1 11 2007

Everybody thinks that Photographer is a waste of my time, like no joke. It’s pretty funny though.  Heroine was telling me, “Not worth it, not worth it.”  Hm.  Made me laugh. 😀  But, the more I think about it, the more I feel like I’m wasting my time.  I don’t really feel like doing homework is worthy of my time…I don’t know why.  School takes out of my family time.  OMGZZZ!!!!

I forgot to tell you!  Photographer asked me to come see his band downtown in like two weeks, and I am really excited, and I really really want to go, and it’s going to take me forever to get permission.  I’m probably going to have to talk it up and bring a parent!!!!  God, totally lost my train of thought, but, I am excited about that, now that I’ve thought about it.

Peace out!!!!  Hope to talk to you soon!!!





2 responses

1 11 2007

ok photographer is weird…and being nice..why i have no idea. hahaha downtown?? where at. i wanna go downtown this weekend if i feel better, but idk. you should come with me if you can. If not ill get kristen or someone to come. yes yes. anyways..i missed walking with you to the bus. i wrote you back…two pages. yay me. lol..

totally unrelated comment…call me later.

4 11 2007

Yeah,so, I forgot who Heroine is,do I know them? Anyway, you do that (bout seeing Photographer’s band)!

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