Holidays Are Hell

3 11 2007

I have actually talked to the author of one of the short stories contained in this anthology, and I have visited her blog, and she is quite amazing.  Anyway.  Ah, where do I begin with Holidays Are Hell?  Well, the first thing is that is totally great.  I have enjoyed every story so far…which is the first two.  I’ve been quite distracted in my reading time the past few days…it probably has something to do with losing a bet…anyway.  The first story by Kim Harrison is “Two Ghosts For Sister Rachel” which tells the beginning of Rachel’s career in Inderlander Security, I.S. for short.  This takes place during the solstice, which is what the supernatural community celebrates instead of Christmas.  The solstice is when the seasons change.  She accomplishes a very high level spell and then all the trouble begins.  I didn’t really care for the Ivy and Kisten story she had published in Dates From Hell simply because it took my mind a bit to adjust.  I was too used to reading about Rachel and Kisten.  And then Lynsay Sands’ Christmas story “Run, Run, Rudolph” is a continuation fo the story she also published in Dates From Hell.  It’s the story of a shape shifter, but different from the shape-shifters in DFH.  It made me laugh, as did her others, and her Arganeau vamp series is absolutely hilarious.  I am currently on “Six”, the New Year’s story by Marjorie M. Liu.  I had never heard of her before, and I am so far enjoying the story of a Chinese undercover chick and a sexy necromancer…and that’s about as far as I’ve gotten.  And then the Thanksgiving story by Vicki Pettersson is “The Harvest”.  I am eager for this one because it is the story of Joanna Archer’s mother, and I have been curious about her forever!  So, I am trying to finish this book so I can read the short stories along with the books they accompany.




3 responses

3 11 2007

what about the novel???? i wanna kno. 😀
have fun at ur concert.

3 11 2007

haha, you aren’t funny. that was a test post because I wanted to see if the title would italicize itself!

4 11 2007

So you did lose the bet… interesting. Well, I anticipate to hear how this turns out.

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