New Storyline

5 11 2007

Well, I have officially postponed working on Lucius’ and Haven’s screwed up relationship to work on another totally whack relationship of a vampire and his food supply.  Her name is Thea, which means “gift of God” and I wanted to use it for her nickname, but I decided to change it to something else, and now I have to find a way to work her name’s meaning into the plot.  Anyway, her master is Damian, and they have a loving relationship, which is completely out of the ordinary for a vamp and the vamp’s snack.  She stumbled upon Damian and his sister, Nichole when she was somewhere in her teens; she has no recollection of her past.  This might possibly give me a different story arc.  Moving on, I have to use around one hundred pages to establish the relationship with all the vampires, and stuff like that.   Well, then her “new” love interest comes into the story.  There is a possibility that people have been looking for her since she disappeared, and the possibility is also that she is a werewolf who hasn’t changed yet, but I am still working on that, because some things still need to be tweaked and so on…

But, anyway, this story is from a different angle.  You usually get the disdain towards the vampire’s snacks, but now you can see what it is actually like to be that “snack.”  I think that an ending might actually be possible, whereas in Haven and Lucius’ story, there is no ending!  I cannot think of one and I have been dwelling on it for months.  MONTHS!  Well, I should start doing something for Engineering instead of blogging…nah.




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5 11 2007
Myles Chandler

Ugh that sucked that you are stuck fixing someones else’s relationship. If they are truly in love, they can fix it and work it out.

Engineering is heartless… 😥

5 11 2007
Myles Chandler


oh my gosh, i am so special…

i hope the book is going along great. You have earned my hugs and kisses of good luck

Hugs and kisses of good luck!
Have a fabulous day

5 11 2007

Yes, Engineering is heartless…yeah, I will admit you are just a little bit special. I don’t think vamps actually exist. Thanks for the hugs and kisses of good luck, I really appreciate that.
You have a fantabulous day, yourself!

5 11 2007

sound very interesting gurly. 😀

5 11 2007

yes, so, Myles, your “specialness”, we’ll say, ceases to impress me! LOL! THat “it’s a book crack” made me chuckle! thx bunches, and hope Lucius and Haven will sometimes find a happy end, cxs!

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