Have Some Composure, Where Is Your Posture?

6 11 2007

Yes, I am currently listening to Panic! At The Disco, which I know is rachelxrampage’s favorite band!  Well, guess what?  Kaeliexcurbxstomp doesn’t care!  Anyway, I am listening to “Time To Dance”  and I am singing along…back to that ditzy tunes post. This is just kind of a summary of my overally boring day.  Photographer told me that he wouldn’t collect on his bet, but that I should do it soon…Is he hinting at something?  Hm….Anyway. Called him like he begged and did he answer?  NO.  So, when he says, you didn’t call, I am going to tell him to jump off a bridge….I couldn’t do that.  I love him too much.  Anyway, going to be walking around outside tomorrow during fourth with Photographer…Should be fun.  I’m excited.  I have been cooped up all week and it’s pissing me off because I haven’t been outside in this B-E-A-utiful southern autumn.  I’ve been babysitting because me mommy had to work…  Anyway.  Broke my best day ever on my blog stats.  85 views today. Pretty good, huh?  The timing is wierd because it starts a new day at like eight o’clock at night, even though I have my clock on the blog set right, I think it goes by UTC times.  I’m rambling.  I need to read “The Fall of the House of Usher” so I have some sort of clue as to what’s going on.

Saw this really cute guy at the restaurant, and he was working, and I was trying not to drool because that wouldn’t be very sanitary.  I’ve been contemplating putting pictures on this site, because I don’t know what my teacher would say about that.  I mean, it wouldn’t really hurt anything, and hamz put it on her blog, so I might put my pics up…the good ones anyway. So, hopefully this weekend I will be posting at three in the morning because that means I am hanging out with my best friend in the whole wide galaxy RachelxRampage.  I need to get ready for bed.  Good night, and good luck kiddies!




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