8 11 2007

Okay, I am at a total loss.  Do guys like curves?  I mean, the majority?  I can never tell.  I mean, I know it depends on the guy, but at the same time, I think that the majority might want those stick thin chicks that don’t eat unless their parents feed a tube through they throat.  Just kidding.  I really am curious, because of all the guys I have dated, no one has ever said, “I prefer curves…”  Actually, they kind of avoided answering me…  This post is purely me being stupid, so yeah….




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8 11 2007
werewolf grl

Boys will always avoid that question. It’s along the same lines as am I fat? or does my outfit look okay? talk to them about something they are interested in, and they’ll always answer.

8 11 2007

Guys like the skinny girls that never eat? wanna know why.? Cause most of the are hoes. Or at least the girls I know like that are sluts.

8 11 2007
Myles Chandler

i like brains and wittiness

8 11 2007

guys like curbs we do its true but when that curb grows to make the chick look like leanna then we have a peoblem. as for me im an equal opertunist i like girls who are skinny (not like the ones where i touch then and they break) and have nice size breast and but….(not the kind where when i touch them i loose my hand COUGH LIANA COUGH) any way yes if there is a good looking chick somewhere beteen fat and skinny its goodbut i agree with the first comment boys usuallt would avoid this question because of the risk of the girl asking it put themselves in one of the groups and then the guy is done

8 11 2007

and yes they are hoes thank you rachel

9 11 2007

I bet the curves thing depends on the guy. I can’t imagine liking the ubers skinny girls that have NO fat at all whatsoever. It just doesn’t sound attractive to be all bone. I’m sure different guys prefer different curves but have a general idea. Or maybe some are more tolerant than others?

9 11 2007

yeah, i think it just pertains to the guy and his preferences. I would oppurtunely like to date a guy who doesn’t care what shape I am. But, you know, those are hard to find. Oh well, a girl can hope. 😕

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