Caffeine Pills

9 11 2007

Dude, I need something  to keep me awake.  I am sitting in Engineering trying to pay attention to Mr. O-Dawg, but I am having difficulty keeping my eyes open.  It doesn’t help that I have only gotten a collective amount of 20 hours of sleep this week, and I am suffering from a condition that all my fellow females can bitch and moan about with me.  (sorry, guys)

Caffeine pills sound really good right now… Tell you this much, the best energy drink in the world is Sobe Adrenaline Rush.  It tastes great, and you get the most amazing rush of adrenaline.  Haha.  I meant for that to sound like that.  I bet I’m the only one who finds that funny…Don’t worry, that happens alot.

Something I have noticed.  About 98% of my high school is tired 98.9% of the time.  Why?  Who knows.  Maybe they had a late night…ew.  Don’t want to think about what my fellow classmates do on their own time.

Mr. O-Dawg is looking at me…I should be fitting pegs into a block with holes.  My whole class finds it hilarious…which it is…merely for the fact that O-Dawg thinks we’re all pervs.




3 responses

9 11 2007
werewolf grl

Energy drinks do give you a boost, but drinking too much could hospitalize you. In my opinion, eat more carbs in the morning, and for every meal, and you will have energy. Also, most teens suffer from either cronic fatigue of lathargy. Personaly, I perfer being lathargic.

9 11 2007

missy you dont need pills, you juse need to make sure you dont get to much sleep or to little sleep. Mkay. Oh speaking of to little sleep. Are you coming to my house?? it would be gravy if you were.

10 11 2007

and, pervs we are. At least some of us. (*cough* boys*cough*) LOL Loves you cxs!

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