Life At Its Best

11 11 2007

So, this weekend me and my friend have been collaborating on a novel by email over 800 miles (she lives in Michigan, where I am originally from) and we are doing so much better than the other friend that I was working with on a daily basis through phone and person.  We reached the 10,000 word mark in one day, so we’re going pretty good.  I kind of forgot that it was NaNoWriMo, so my project is way behind schedule.  Oh, well. I actually should be working on chapter 4 at this very moment…

But, did you see my song quote?  It is definitely the new stance I am taking on life, for those of you who know me really, really well.  *cough*fluffy, hams, ramxpage*cough*  😀  I was going to make that stance official by going over to Ramxpage’s but my dad was being retarded and didn’t let me leave the house for the most RETARDED REASON EVER!

I hope you guys enjoy what little we have left of our weekend…I forgot to turn my alarm clock off all weekend so I got up at 6:10 anyway, woken up by “White Houses”, one of Vanessa Carlton’s best.  Hm.  I seem to be listening to her alot.  I wonder why… 

I’ll see you guys on Monday.


kaelie curbxstomp




One response

11 11 2007

Loves you too, honeyboo! Lol! Yes, I do like that stance! 🙂 Hehe, whatever makes you happy my lovely! Yes, the weekend needs to be about another day longer. Oh, and what happened to I love my family? Hmmmm? I thought that was one of the main reasons you didn’t want to leave. Ah, well, I guess they have their moments. Ttyl!

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