Queen of a Broken Heart

12 11 2007

So, anyone want to tell me how to get over a broken heart? 

I think I know, and I am actually going to put it to the test this weekend when I go over to ramxpage’s.  I know that it isn’t three things: 1) watching sad romance movies and bawling your eyes out. 2) finding a new guy to cover all the hurt up (it’ll eventually resurface, people.  Trust me, I have definitely tried. Or 3) Sitting and staring blankly at a wall that has nothing on it except paint and scuff marks.

While I know that it isn’t these three things, I am pretty sure that it is this:

Watching people get their guts ripped out while eating Ben and Jerry’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream while drinking Pepsi Max. 

I hope that it is what that is, because I am putting it to the test this weekend.  Renting gory movies while eating at Ramxpage’s house is always amazing.  And then we will probably play World of Warcraft, which is just as healing as watching gore movies…

So, let’s hope this poor girl’s broken heart will feel better by next Monday.




One response

12 11 2007

Yay for hanging on till the weekend! (not in hamham’s case though) 😦 Anyway, YES! The cookie dough B&J’s always makes it better! Whatever it may be! WOot for ice cream! Lol Byes!

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