Why Am I Such A Sucker For Cute Guys?

13 11 2007

I tell you, nowadays, the only thing that I require in a guy is a great body and a nice face, because taking a look at my past involvements, I cannot pick winners.  Rampage knows what I am talking about, and so do Hamz and Fluffy.  Actually, Fluffy’s going to cut my head off when she reads this.

I need that broken heart party so badly this weekend so I can get over…stuff.  I don’t like mentioning people, because everyone figures it out–mainly you, Bradley.  But, whatever.  So, I am sitting here blogging when I should be working.  I need to get to work…nah.

Oh, and listening to my teacher talk about what his students do, and why he can’t stop it, I want him to know this: People don’t change.




2 responses

14 11 2007

Wow! I’ve never heard you so optimistic b4. That last sentence came out like a death wish, on someone else of course. It was like you went all gothic on me! LOl! I’m not going to cut your head off, I just think 2 certain friends of my should BOTH lighten up and give each other a little room. Ok, that’s all I’m gonna say! Byes!

15 11 2007

Hm. Yeah. A death wish? I don’t go gothic. If you cut someone’s head off, you cut out their heart, burn the heart and head seperately and then scatter them over seperate running bodies of water. 😀 lol. jk.

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