WARNING! Contents Under Pressure

14 11 2007

I am stressed to the point of breaking.  And I think I know why.  I didn’t get to go to Rampage’s last weekend, but I am almost definitely going this weekend, and when I don’t have the time to talk to Rampage for two days straight.  It’s hard enough that the only time we have during the school days is before school, after first, second, third, and then I don’t see her again until after school, when we walk together.  So, I usually rely on the weekends when we hang out, because I have usually gotten myself into trouble again.  Not necessarily trouble, but my life normally starts to suck and then I need to talk to someone, and then….I feel better every time.  Oh, and cheers to Fluffy, because she listens to me rant and rave every day in fifth period without a complaint….to my face anyway.

I think that the worst thing at the moment is the fact that I have such a bad temper that I’ll just stop talking before I do something stupid.  I’m not normally an agressive person, but with all my dreams lately, and the things that people talk about at school?  I can’t sleep.  At all.  And then, my aggressiveness comes out, and then everyone hates me.  I don’t like people hating me.

I need a boyfriend to make me feel content…





One response

14 11 2007

Sorry for blowing up about the Nah… thing. You know I didn’t mean it. It just caught me a little off gaurd after the whole Vanessa Carlton philosophy thing. Anywho, of course I complain about your ranting behind your back… who wants to listen to you nag, nag, nag, LOL! You know I enjoy listening to you if it helps your stress level go down! I try to be a good listener, ya know! I hope I do a good job!

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